CBC  Fundraising Banquet 
     February 9th, 2019
   Benton-Franklin Fair Grounds

American WIlderness Leadership School

Teachers sign up to help our youth learn about wilderness in your school!

SCI International


Dedicated to Education, Conservation, and Protecting our Hunting Heritage


5:30 – Doors open, silent auction and games start at this time

7:00    Prayer, Louis Meissner
Dinner is served

8:00 – Live Auction
8:15 – (approximate) Silent auction will close after 10th live auction item is sold

9:30 – Target for completion



SCI Wine Glass Draw
Buy a numbered SCI wine glass for $20.  After 75 glasses are sold, we will draw for one of the 
Buck Knife
Buy a numbered knife for $10
Assortment of Buck knives
Reverse Bingo
Purchase a Bingo Card 2/$20.
Ten dollar buy in.  Choice of half the pot or a Remington 783 in 270 Winchester
Stock Your Bar
Buy a tumbler for $20, the winner even gets the wheelbarrow.
Wine Bottle
Buy a bottle of wine for $100
22 SHELL Raffle
Buy a numbered box of 22 shells for $20.
Pick of the Heard
Buy a card from the deck for $20. The winner can pick any one of the first ten (10) items in the live auction.
Key Chain
Buy a key chain for $10. 
Yeti Cooler
Buy a ticket for $10, every 50 tickets will be drawn for a Yeti Cooler
Banquet Line
Buy a bucket raffle ticket while the buffet is open,.

Bonus Raffles