Members will conduct themselves in a lawful, responsible, and sportsman like manner, promote good relationships with other members, bring good credit to the sport of hunting, and be sympathetic to the stated purpose and interest of chapter goals.

Columbia Basin Chapter Mission Statement

We endeavor to establish, promote, and protect hunting and hunter's rights, game conservation for present and future members, their families and others according to our abilities.

We recognize that ethical sport hunters provide the primary and often times only resources for game and animal conservation, scientific game and animal management, modern anti-poaching activities, and  essential habitat preservation and expansion.  Ethical sport hunters proudly and happily do so by payment of hunting licenses, hunting and conservation stamp fees, sporting product excise taxes, game trophy fees, import and export fees, duties and taxes, and so on - and funding of related activities.

current Board members

President - Larry Goodwin 

Vice President - VACANT  


 Treasurer - doug reimer

Membership Chairman - VACANT

event coordinator - 

Conservation Chairman - PAUL JOHNSON, MS, MSED